Expand Your Viewing Horizons With a video mod-kit for your vintage console!
RetroVideoAV&trade: The first entry to the RetroVideo&trade product-line by Flashback Vintage Electronics, converts internal video signals inside your classic video game system to composite A/V (audio and video) signals that you can plug directly into your TV, monitor, or entertainment system A/V RCA jacks! Virtually every TV, VCR, DVD Player and many monitors made from the mid-1980s to the present-day have these inputs, but many newer displays lack the older 75-Ohm and 300-Ohm inputs that these old consoles would normally require. Now with the RetroVideoAV&trade, you can enjoy the full experience of using your classic system on whatever A/V-equipped TV or monitor you desire, hassle-free!

You can order the RetroVideoAV pre-assembled, as a kit, or as a bare board: The pre-assembled package is ready to go, right out of the box and requires you or your friends to solder a mere four wires to your machine. It is designed with the A/V cables built-in, so you need only route them to the outside of your gaming system, solder the RetroVideo's internal connections, and then close up the case. There is no other product available in the Americas or Europe that is this simple to use and install!

The RetroVideoAV&trade was designed and manufactured for owners and users of the Nintendo Famicom (the Japanese equivalent to the NES), and comes in a groovy red & white colour scheme to match the exterior of that classic console! Nevertheless, it does also work on other systems, and we support it on additional platforms!

The RetroVideoAV&trade also includes a 5-year warranty and is made of only the highest quality parts, assembled in the USA. It comes with a printed manual detailing how to use and install it on every tested system, with full instructions on and illustrations of every step of detail.

The supported systems at this time are the:

  • Nintendo Famicom (All Models)
  • Nintendo NES-101 (Top-Loader)
  • ...more to follow.
  • Note that support is automatically grandfathered: If we add support for a system after you purchase your RetroVideo&trade, the newly added system will be guaranteed on your board even if we add it long after your purchase-date."

    You can download the Latest RetroVideoAV&trade Manuals and Documentation Here.

    You may also purchase the RetroVideoAV&trade as a kit, completely not-assembled, but with all the needed parts, or as a bare PCB, for which you will need to supply the parts. (Do to the 'do-it-yourself' nature of these products, and the possibility of damaging the parts during assembly, neither the bare board nor the pars kit include a warranty; Only the fully-assembled kits are guaranteed.)

    When ordering your RetroVideoAV&trade, we give you a selection of options from which you may choose the ideal solution t fit your needs. We also offer you the ability to customize your RetroVideo even further: If you want 20' cables, we will happily custom-make one for you, for a small extra fee to cover the materials.

    You may select any of the following cable lengths when ordering normally:

  • 3' Male RCA leads, for shorter hookups.
  • 6' male RCA leads for longer range.
  • 3' Female RCA leads, so that you can use any length of RCS hookup cable that you desire.
  • Any of the above, with dual-mono sound out, for hooking up to systems with stereo speakers without the need for a splitter.
  • To view the kit in greater detail, please view the RetroVideo section in our on-line catalogue. You may order the kit by ringing us at 260-FDS-DISK (or 908-398-1802, or 908-616-8747), emailing us, or by using the PayPal link below. Please note that the PayPal price is a tiny bit higher to cover the additional cost of using them for processing your payment. All prices include basic postage to an USA destination. Prices outside of the USA vary depending on location: Please request a quote.

    Non-Europe Version
    This is the standard RetroVideoAV&trade kit for all Non-EU countries and includes the completed RetroVideoAV&trade kit, ready to install.

  • RetroVideoAV- Assembled Kit - 3' Male RCA leads = $24.95 (FVE-RVA-3MM-PBS)
  • RetroVideoAV- Assembled Kit - 6' Male RCA cables = $27.95 (FVE-RVA-6MM-PBS)
  • RetroVideoAV- Assembled Kit - 3' Female RCA leads. = $25.95 (FVE-RVA-3FM-PBS)
  • RetroVideoAV- Assembled Kit - 3' Male RCA leads; dial-mono = $25.95 (FVE-RVA-3MD-PBS)
  • RetroVideoAV- Assembled Kit - 6' Male RCA cables; dial-mono = $28.95 (FVE-RVA-6FD-PBS)
  • RetroVideoAV- Assembled Kit - 3' Female RCA leads; dial-mono. = $26.95 (FVE-RVA-3FD-PBS)
  • RetroVideoAV- Parts Kit - 3' Special Order Cables. = $CALL (FVE-RVA-SPC-PBS)
  • Choose Your RetroVideoAV Non-Europe Version:

    Parts Kits:
    This kit includes the RetroVideoAV&trade PCB, plus all the parts, wires and assembly instructions. It does not include solder, or any soldering tools (which are mandatory to assemble it).

  • RetroVideoAV- Parts Kit - 3' Male RCA leads = $18.95 (FVE-RVA-3MM-KIT)
  • RetroVideoAV- Parts Kit - 6' Male RCA cables = $21.95 (FVE-RVA-6MM-KIT)
  • RetroVideoAV- Parts Kit - 3' Female RCA leads. = $19.95 (FVE-RVA-3FM-KIT)
  • RetroVideoAV- Parts Kit - 3' Male RCA leads; dial-mono = $19.95 (FVE-RVA-3MD-KIT)
  • RetroVideoAV- Parts Kit - 6' Male RCA cables; dial-mono = $22.95 (FVE-RVA-6MD-KIT)
  • RetroVideoAV- Parts Kit - 3' Female RCA leads; dial-mono. = $20.95 (FVE-RVA-3FD-KIT)
  • RetroVideoAV- Parts Kit - 3' Special Order Cables. = $CALL (FVE-RVA-SPC-KIT)
  • Choose Your RetroVideoAV Parts Kit:

    Bare Boards:
    Bare-bones PCBs for the DIY crowd, or for professional modders who want to order in bulk to save on costs. Additional pricing structures (quantity in excess of 100 boards) is available; please call with inquiries.

  • RetroVideoAV- Single PCB-Only = $9.95 (FVE-RVA-PCB-001)
  • RetroVideoAV- Five-Pack-PCB Only = $44.95 (FVE-RVA-PCB-001 x 5)
  • RetroVideoAV- Ten-Pack-PCB Only = $79.95 (FVE-RVA-PCB-001 x10)
  • RetroVideoAV- Twenty-Five-Pack-PCB Only = $189.95 (FVE-RVA-PCB-001 x25)
  • RetroVideoAV- Fifty-Pack PCB-Only = $349.95 (FVE-RVA-PCB-001 x50)
  • RetroVideoAV- One-Hundred-Pack PCB-Only = $599.95 (FVE-RVA-PCB-001 x100)
  • Choose Your RetroVideoAV PCB Quantity:

    Europe Version
    This version is RohS compliant in accord with EU importation laws. (If you are not in Europe, please order the standard version above.) For kit or bare boards to Europe, please use the above links in the Kits and Boards sections.

  • RetroVideoAV- RohS Assembled Kit - 3' Male RCA leads = $25.95 (FVE-RVA-3MM-EUR)
  • RetroVideoAV- RohS Assembled Kit - 6' Male RCA cables = $28.95 (FVE-RVA-6MM-EUR)
  • RetroVideoAV- RohS Assembled Kit - 3' Female RCA leads. = $26.95 (FVE-RVA-3FM-EUR)
  • RetroVideoAV- RohS Assembled Kit - 3' Male RCA leads; dial-mono = $26.95 (FVE-RVA-3MD-EUR)
  • RetroVideoAV- RohS Assembled Kit - 6' Male RCA cables; dial-mono = $29.95 (FVE-RVA-6MD-EUR)
  • RetroVideoAV- RohS Assembled Kit - 3' Female RCA leads; dial-mono. = $27.95 (FVE-RVA-3FD-EUR)
  • RetroVideoAV- RohS Assembled Kit - 3' Special Order Cables. = $CALL (FVE-RVA-SPC-EUR)
  • Choose Your RetroVideoAV Europe Version:

    Coming Soon...
    More Great RetroVideo&trade and RetroAudio&trade products from Flashback Vintage Electronics.

    A link to a downloadable version of the manual, plus extra materials are available to registered owners.

    Disclaimer: Working with soldering or other tools, installing this product and altering your game console is not extremely difficult, but it does require skill, patience, practice and caution. By installing this product, you agree to hold Flashback Vintage Electronics, its affiliates, distributors, resellers, manufacturers and partners harmless of any injury, damages or other harm cause by your actions resulting from your use of this product. You agree that any such harm injury or damages will not be the fault of Flashback Vintage Electronics and that if you have a third-party use or install this product, that either you or they will assume full liability for its use and installation.

    If you are not competently able to install this product yourself, whether through lack of any of the above qualities, or due to physical or mental disability, we urge you to have the product installed by a party that is capable of doing so; you may also send your console to us for modification. The required task is to connect four wires by soldering them to the internal PCB on your console, and possibly the use of a rotary tool depending on the intended system and method of set-up. Please take all caution and closely follow the instructions included with the product.

    5-Year Warranty covers the free replacement of your RetroVideo stemming from manufacturing or assembly defects on the RetroVideo or any of its parts, or damage to product in initial postal transit to customer. It does not cover damages to yourself or your game console or computer due to improper use or installation, or any damages resulting from use of the product.

    Product functionality guaranteed only on systems listed under 'Supported Systems' section of this document.

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